Starting From the Beginning

I have recently been thinking about beginning a blog – a place to publicly express my thoughts and, hopefully, inspire someone.  Today I had the extra strong desire to do this, so here I am.

Although I have only been around for 19 years, I have had my own share of ups and downs throughout my life like anyone else.  Even so, I have consistently been referred to as a positive person because I try to see the best in every person and in every situation.  I have the “unique” ability to put things that hurt me so far in the back of my mind that sometimes I can forget it actually happened.  For example, today marks the five-year anniversary of my father’s unexpected passing.  There are still days when I think he is here and I can talk to him whenever I need to hear his voice.  When I think about it, I miss my daddy like crazy and just wish he could have watched me graduate high school and that he would walk me down the aisle someday and witness other huge life events I will experience.  The truth is, I often forget the grim reality of him not being here anymore.  I don’t know if this is because I am just so optimistic that I’ve adjusted incredibly well or if this is solely because I’m delusional, but it is the truth.  Instead of choosing to dwell on something I cannot change, I am actively choosing to learn from my father’s death and become a better person.  As the saying goes, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”  I firmly believe that God does not put anything in our lives that we cannot handle with His guidance, but He will allow obstacles to block our paths so we can grow.

The point is is that I have learned to look for the best in every situation.  Being positive brightens my days and makes my life feel like it is so much more worth living.  I don’t understand the point of constantly being pessimistic because the only person you are really bringing down is yourself.  Negativity holds you back, so why choose that for yourself?

I hope my blog will encourage people to take a positive outlook every now and then, as well as help me grow not only as a person, but in my spiritual walk with God, too.  I want to share my struggles so that maybe others can learn something and not make the same mistakes I did and not have to face the same heartaches.  I feel my best when I am helping others and I hope that I can inspire just one person to be optimistic and see the light.